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Privacy Policy

This gives details of what information is collected from visitors to the website, and how it is used. No information which could be used to identify an individual is collected without that individual's permission.

Server Logs: Whenever a page, image, or other document is requested from the server by a visitor's web browser, a log is kept which lists information such as the date, time, IP Address, Browser type, and referring URL (if any). These logs are not accessible by the public; only the site administrators can view them. This is standard practice on all Web Servers, and logfiles are deleted automatically after 7 days. [ See an example ]

E-mail: There are links on this site which allow visitors to send E-mail messages to the site administrators or show organisers. These links have been obfuscated to prevent automatic "harvesting" of the E-mail addresses by "spam-bots". Regular visitors are able to click the links to send E-mail in the usual way.

Data Protection Act 1984: If you send us an E-mail, your E-mail address and any other personal details included in the message will be used to deal with your enquiry and will be archived on computer. We may on occasion use these details to send you information about our products and services. Your details will not be passed to any outside organisation.

External Links: The links within our website may lead to other sites. We do not necessarily endorse, sponsor or otherwise approve of any statements or information appearing in those sites, nor in sites referred to in or linked to those sites.